Uncharted Isles

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Crisscrossed with hiking trails, Skomer Island is protected by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales. A maximum of 250 people may visit per day, but there's only room for 15 overnight guests in a converted barn (shown here) where scientists conduct most of their research.
— Sue Parkhill
Even the pirates of the Caribbean took a vacation from plundering, and to this day, their hideaway has remained a fairly hidden treasure. Forty miles off mainland Nicaragua, the Corn Islands are still populated by the descendants of buccaneers.
— Wilhem Scholz
Except for the six weeks starting in mid-July, Greece's Kíthira Island is a sleepy place with compact medieval villages that are home to ancient grain mills, Byzantine chapels, and cheerful wooden beehives that are painted yellow, blue, or white.
— Aggelos Kaltsis/Invision Images/drr.net
After a 70-year stretch as a penal colony, Rottnest Island, 12 miles off mainland Australia, has become a popular day trip from Perth.
— Theron Kirkman
Unlike its more populated neighbors Bora-Bora and Tahiti, French Polynesia's Fakarava Island is home to about 500 residents.
— Dave Lauridsen
The natives' warrior reputation convinced European traders to avoid Sumba Island in southern Indonesia, leaving it relatively undeveloped for centuries.
— Jez O\'Hare/indonesiaphotography.com
After living in relative isolation for centuries, residents on Peru's Amantaní Island began to allow overnight stays about 10 years ago.
— Martin Strobl

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