Visions of Winter

0711_WinterWonderland launcher image
Frosted forest
— Leah Warkentin/Corbis
First tracks
— Jeff Vanuga/Corbis
Winter in Yosemite National Park, Calif.
— James Randklev/Getty
Snowboarder midair
— DMI Photography Inc./Corbis
Red maple sapling in the snow
— Craig Tuttle/Corbis
Dogsled ride
— Thinkstock/Corbis
Snow on quaking aspen trees
— Dan Sherwood/Corbis
Cross-country skier
— Jeff Vanuga/Corbis
Snow-covered lodgepole pines in Targhee National Forest, Idaho
— Comstock/Corbis
A great horned owl
— John Pitcher/Corbis
Heading home after a day on the slopes
— Randy Faris/Corbis

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