What $100 Buys in Philadelphia

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$13 Action Figure Throughout 2006, Philly will celebrate the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin, the great American diplomat, inventor, and bon vivant. The city even has a new slogan--"Philly's got BENergy!"--to mark the tercentenary (gophila.com/ben) (Photo: Michael Kraus)
$40 Bag Tired of the boring totes designed for people in their line of work, bike messengers Roland Burns and Ellie Lum started making their own. They believe that, like bikes and helmets, a bag should reflect the personality of its owner. So you sketch, and they stitch your ideas onto a waterproof bag. R.E.Load Baggage, reloadbags.com. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
$16 Bracelet The after-school Neighborhood Bike Works program in West Philly teaches children about bicycle repair and safety. Kids who complete the classes are given bikes, helmets, and locks. Support the program by buying a bracelet made from "spoke nipples" at The Black Cat, a shop near the University of Pennsylvania. blackcatshop.com. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
$20 Paperweight Once-gritty Northern Liberties district has become a loft developer's dream. It's home to Philadelphia Glass Works, a 2,100-square-foot facility where visitors can watch glassblowers in action. Among the artists is 26-year-old native Josh Opdenaker, known for his colorful marbles and paperweights. phillyglassworks.com. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
$8 Pickle fork Reading Terminal Market has occupied the same landmark location since 1893. Amid the many food stalls packed with cheeses, soft pretzels, and farm-raised meats is the Pennsylvania General Store, which sells cherrywood utensils carved by local artist Jonathan S. Simons. (Photo: Michael Kraus)
$1 Record Philly is both the epicenter of soul and American Bandstand's original home. Singles by local golden-age greats like Frankie Avalon, Lesley Gore, Chubby Checker, and Patti LaBelle can be found in the vintage vinyl stores along South Street east of 6th. reporecords.com. (Photo: Michael Kraus)

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