Where Do Travel Editors Vacation?

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Nina Willdorf, Editor-in-Chief: "I went to Sonoma for a wedding last month. My friends literally got married in a vineyard, while we all drank agua fresca out of Mason jars. Totally Sonoma!"
Friedrich Stark / Alamy
"People think Sonoma is all inland, but there's this incredible coastline, as well. Reminds me of Big Sur in parts."
E.J. Baumeister Jr. / Alamy
Marc Peyser, Deputy Editor: "My sister and I grew up spending summers on our grandparents' boat on Fire Island, and now we've started taking our own (five) children."
Walter Bibikow/JAI/Corbis
"The beaches at Fire Island are still beautiful, though I'm not sure the kids appreciate when we force them to literally take walks down Memory Lane."
Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis
Laura Michonski, Deputy Digital Editor: "I went to the Dalmatian Coast to visit a good friend from college. It was so gorgeous—the water was a deep blue and everybody seemed to have a boat!"
"Along the Dalmatian coast, many people have olive orchards and make their own olive oil, wine, and grappa! It was a delicious adventure."
"This is a square in the town of Split along the Dalmatian Coast—it's a popular starting point for trips to the islands off the coast."
Andrea Minarcek, Senior Editor: "I did a whirlwind tour of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef." Pictured: Australia's Blue Mountains.
Tourism Australia
"Sydney's just as gorgeous as everyone says it is."
Tourism Australia
"In the Coral Sea's Great Barrier Reef, I swam with a few sea turtles and manta rays, and saw great coral and lots of cool fish."
Tourism Australia
Nicholas DeRenzo, Assistant Editor: "I went to St. John, New Brunswick on a Carnival cruise."
All Canada Photos / SuperStock
"I had always wanted to visit the Maritime provinces."
"The highlight of the trip was the seafood chowder at the Caves Restaurant, near the St. Martin's sea caves. They tout it as 'the best'...because it is!"
age fotostock / SuperStock
Jenna Reed, Managing Editor: "I went to a lake in Cragen's, Minnesota, with my mother and sister."
"We rented a cabin and just hung out by the lake for a couple of days."
Courtesy 1uk3/Flickr
"The nice thing about Minnesota in summer is that when you go north, it's much cooler—a great way to escape the heat (and the bustle) of New York City!"
Amy Lundeen, Photo Editor: "I went to Chatham, Cape Cod for a week at the beach with my family."
Amy Lundeen
"Chatham has it all—sand, sea, ice cream, baseball, and band concerts!"
Amy Lundeen
"The beach, of course, is the main draw at Chatham."
Amy Lundeen
Laura Buckley, Digital Editorial Assistant: "I'm going to Cape Town and can't wait to explore the city!"
Cape Town Routes Unlimited
"The views over the town and the sea in Cape Town are gorgeous."
"While I'm in Cape Town I will also make time to visit the Cape Peninsula and nearby wine country."
Cape Town Routes Unlimited
Lisa Schneider,General Manager: "My family is going to Lancaster, PA."
Hershey Entertainment
"Our kids are 6 and 3, and Lancaster boasts two parks appropriate for younger children—Dutch Wonderland and Hershey Park."
Hershey Entertainment

The <i>BT</i> staff has logged some serious mileage this summer, traveling as far as South Africa, Australia, and Croatia. You might be surprised, however, by the number of editors who decided to stay right here in this country. Here's where we went and why.

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