World's Best Boutique Hotels

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Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park, seven aluminum trailers perched on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.
Courtesy Grand Daddy Hotel
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The blue Dorothy trailer at Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park is covered in white polka dots to echo Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz dress.
Courtesy Grand Daddy Hotel
San Francisco's 102-room Hotel Vertigo was named after Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 thriller Vertigo, which was filmed on location here and plays on a loop in the lobby.
Courtesy Hotel Vertigo
A mural dresses up the breakfast area of 2-year-old Oops!, a boutique hostel in Paris (the architect just liked the sound of the word).
Courtesy Oops!
The furniture in the Blue Lime, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is made of concrete; green silk curtains and tangerine pillows soften the urban vibe and brighten the rooms, most of which have balconies.
Courtesy Blue Lime
At Hotel Habita Monterrey in Mexico, both of the rooftop infinity pools (the other is a twin of this one) attract crowds for cocktails and views of the Sierra Madre mountains.
Courtesy Undine Pröhl/Hotel Habita Monterrey
The 39 rooms at the Hotel Habita Monterrey have floor-to-ceiling windows and a stark black-and-white palette that make it feel almost as if you're floating.
Courtesy Undine Pröhl/Hotel Habita Monterrey
At the 110-room Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool, U.K., Beatles memorabilia and artwork is everywhere.
Courtesy Hard Days Night Hotel
Only designer Philippe Starck could turn a parking garage in Paris's 20th arrondissement into Mama Shelter, a 172-room hotel that draws locals to its weekly live music shows.
Francis Amiand
At Mama Shelter, Starck hung illuminated Halloween masks of famous characters such as Batman, Superman, and Han Solo to serve as bedside lamps.
Francis Amiand
The Circus Hotel in Berlin's Mitte district has 60 individually designed rooms, all with dark-oak floors and flea-market finds like vintage glass vases.
Courtesy Circus Hotel
With its club-like lobby, the 64-room El Cortez Cabana Suites is bringing the groove back to the Fremont East area near the Las Vegas Strip.
Courtesy El Cortez Cabana Suites
Ecofriendly Hotel Felix in Chicago has chocolate-brown carpets spun from recycled soda bottles. Drivers of hybrids park for free.
Courtesy Hotel Felix
The restaurant Five at Hotel Shattuck Plaza in Berkeley puts a refined farm-to-table spin on comfort foods with dishes like orzo mac 'n' cheese.
Courtesy Hotel Shattuck Plaza
Suited to solo travelers, the 90 wood-paneled single rooms at the Jane in New York City have been fashioned after train and yacht cabins, with built-in drawers underneath twin beds.
Courtesy The Jane
The six guest rooms at Seven hotel in Bangkok each use distinctive shades of yellow, pink, green, and more in the bedding and murals. A red-themed communal space serves as the seventh room.
Courtesy Seven
At the 2-year-old Pearl Hotel in San Diego, cypress-tree stumps serve as coffee tables and pet betta fish as roommates.
Courtesy The Pearl

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