Zoo Babies 2009

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Hasani is clearly ready for his close-up. This adorable 6-month-old gorilla is all smiles now that he's been spending time with surrogate mom Bawang.
George Nikitin
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Big sister Neema approvingly rubs noses with Miles, who just got his first taste of bamboo.
Houston Zoo
Xi Lan loves to climb and has been growing fast; he'll be 1 on August 30.
Courtesy Zoo Atlanta
These mischievous Sumatran tiger cubs often wrestle together and enjoy ripping stuff apart.
Courtesy Zoological Society of San Diego
Presley has startlingly long ears but is best known for her long neck; she's a gerenuk, which means "giraffe-necked" in Somali.
Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort
African penguin chick Blue Blue took its first plunge on April 15—it was a natural swimmer!
Cheryl E. Miller
Samudra, who likes to be called Sam, plays outdoors at the Oregon Zoo, even in winter.
© Oregon Zoo
For the first several weeks, all you could see of this baby collared lemur was a little paw, a tail, and an adorable round head, all sticking out of mom Vera's thick copper-colored coat.
Julie Larsen Maher © WCS
Indian rhinoceros calf Ramir, whose name means "interesting" in Hindi, has a spring in his step—he likes to run laps with the keepers.
Courtesy Zoological Society of San Diego
You can spot Oscar, an adorable if rather grouchy porcupine, waddling around the McGovern Children's Zoo.
Houston Zoo
Banyan, a fuzzy tree kangaroo joey, was born last July but only began venturing out of mom's pouch to explore his home in JungleWorld this winter.
Julie Larsen Maher © WCS
Topping six feet at birth, energetic Blizzard is already outrunning the older calves in the giraffe house.
David Parsons/Denver Zoo
Twice the cuteness! The birth of these rare clouded leopard cubs was a labor of love—not just for mom Jao Chu, but for the zookeepers who worked to carefully coordinate the birth.
Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian\'s National Zoo
This Ruppell's griffon vulture chick is the kind of bald, wizened newborn that resembles an old man—with a face only a mother could love, as one employee put it.
Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort
Weighing about three ounces at birth, Kelyfamata ("small but mighty" in Swahili), a Coquerel's sifaka, likes to bum a ride from her mom, Zenobia.
Houston Zoo
Zookeepers are raising cheetah cub Amara, born to first-time mom Kenya. They've already discovered the cutie likes to be tickled—just watch out for those claws!
Courtesy Zoological Society of San Diego
The heaviest elephant calf born yet at the Animal Kingdom, Tsavo tipped the scales at 327 pounds when mom Moyo gave birth. He breaks regularly to fill up on her milk.
Courtesy Walt Disney World Resort
This photo catches Moxie, an African lion cub, in a quiet moment; usually she's a spunky scene-stealer.
Julie Larsen Maher © WCS
Darcy, a good-natured rockhopper penguin chick, loves to play with rubber toys and to gaze at herself in a mirror.
Greg Neise/Lincoln Park Zoo
This pudgy wombat joey has already come a long way since birth, when she was about the size of a bumblebee.
Jim Schulz/Chicago Zoological Society
This translucent moon jellyfish has a lovely bell shape and will eventually reach dinner-plate size.
Andrew Brusso
Just one of many baby lined sea horses at Ripley's Aquarium.
Andrew Brusso

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