Zoo Babies: Where Are They Now?

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Miles the Giraffe At 16 months, Miles is already nine feet tall and 670 pounds—and still growing! He's become more independent and likes to hang out with his brothers, Hasani and Jack, and sister, Neema.
Stephanie Adams/courtesy Houston Zoo
Hasani the Gorilla His constant activity has made Hasani quite the star—zoo visitors love to watch him tumbling around the exhibit, climbing trees, and beating his chest.
George Nikitin/courtesy San Francisco Zoo
Kelyfamata the Coquerel's Sifaka Now a big brother, Kelyfamata will play with anything that moves—including his own tail, which he loves to "attack.
Stephanie Adams/courtesy Houston Zoo
Xi Lan the Panda Weaned from his mother in early 2010, Xi Lan is now an independent panda and couldn't be doing better. He'll turn 2 on August 30.
Courtesy Zoo Atlanta
Blue-Blue the Penguin Blue-Blue is developing an artistic streak. He and 14 other penguins create paintings by walking across canvases with nontoxic paint on their feet.
Cheryl E. Miller/courtesy Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration

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