Yes, You Can Walk in Los Angeles: Here’s How to Explore West 3rd Street

With an international array of cuisine, funky boutiques and spas, and affordable-but-luxe lodging all within walking distance, this cool L.A. neighborhood delivers an unexpectedly traffic-free vacation.

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Los Angeles is sunshine. The second is traffic. But the West 3rd Street neighborhood (six connecting blocks between La Cienega and Fairfax) offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience some of the best of California without setting foot inside an automobile.

Eat Your Heart Out

With endless delicious options, you could plan your entire West 3rd Street visit around the meals. Start your day with a coffee amid the beautiful decor (I loved the air plant chandelier!) at the Bluestone Café or, if you are looking to hang out with the ‘in’ crowd, you may spot a celebrity at Toast. For the gluten-free crowd, grab a treat at Fonuts - baker Nancy Truman creates spectacular baked donuts (never fried!) low in sugar but high in flavor. A great lunch option is Jaffa, where you feel that you’ve somehow been teleported to the Middle East. The dishes are colorful and truly a delight to the palate. Don’t miss their house-baked desserts or the opportunity to sip the ginger elixir!

Explore & More

With shopping, spas, wine tasting, and more, West 3rd Street will keep you busy. Live like a Los Angeleno, including exercise and beauty care: Start your day upside down with aerial yoga, then wash that sweat away to reveal your inner glow with a facial at MudBum. Not sure what to wear now that you feel like a native Southern Californian? Step into Polka Dots and Moonbeams for classic vintage and contemporary options. Only thing left to do after that is learn something—but don’t worry, it’s fun and you do it over mouthfuls of your own custom wine blend when you take a winemaking workshop at The Blending Lab.

Hotel We Love

After living like a local on West 3rd Street all day, walk “home” to the family-owned Orlando Hotel. If you are too tuckered at the end of this busy day to go out for dinner, enjoy the middle eastern delights available at Cleo, their hotel restaurant. And be sure to stop in to their beautiful bar for a nightcap; the Cassis and Desist is delicious!

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