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A Girl's Guide to City Life,; Women reporters weigh in on shopping, restaurants, hotels, and more as city guides for 12 U.S. and international cities, including L.A., Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

Apple Pea Town Travel Guide,; Sneak peaks into little towns across Asia, the U.S., and Canada that include info on where to go and what to see and eat.

Daily Candy,; A blog-style website with inside scoop on fashion, food, fun, and more in cities like London, New York, San Francisco. There's also a section geared to kids.

Flavorpill,; More a daily e-mail newsletter featuring cultural events and goings-on in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London.

Metroblogging,; Links to almost 40 city-specific blogs from all over the world with a calendar of daily goings on.

Shortcut,; Cultural city guides to various European capitols, including Paris, Berlin, London, and more.


Cape Town,; Info on hotels, vacation packages, festivals, and events in Cape Town, South Africa.


Asia Travel,; Travel and tourism throughout China, Thailand, Indonesia, and beyond.


Bali Blog,;A comprehensive guide to visiting and living in Bali.


Mad About Shanghai,; One couple's experience living and working in Shanghai.


Japan Visitor,; Information, news, and events in three Japanese cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

Sushi Zumi,; Sights and sounds of Tokyo with emphasis on fashion, festivals, and what life's like in the city.


Walk This Way,; A self-described "streetwalker" (uh, not the illegal kind) explores life in the city of Manila in the Philippines.


Travelify,;  A Bangkok and Thailand travel blog written by Thais; includes where to go, what see, and how to get around.


Seasons Travel,; A travel guide to Australia, including flight and hotel news.


Ottawa Information Guide,; Events, art, entertainment, and tours in Ottawa.


ArgentinaThe B.A. Blog,; An American in Buenos Aires writes about her adventures in the South American city.

GoodAirs,; Politics and prose from the Argentine capital.

MexicoLiving in Mexico,; A European transplant writes about his experiences in Mexico City.

Mexican Wave,; On the pulse of movies, art, culture, food, and more in Mexico.


Travel In Europe,; Tips, deals, and advice on traveling the continent on a budget.


Londonist,; The go-to guide for what's happening in the British capital.

Transpontine,; Music, art, and cultural happenings in South London.


La Coquette,; Parisian life as seen through the eyes of 25-year-old who's returned to her family roots and lives in the Latin Quarter.

Paris Blog,; All Paris all the time.

Provence From Fayence Outwards,; Exploration of food, accommodations, tourism, and more in the southern Provence region of France.

Hungary,; An irreverent look at the daily happenings, news, and culture in Budapest, Hungary.


Italian's Insight to Travel Italy,; A look into Italian life through food, wine, restaurants, and travel.

Venice Blog,; Advice, tips, and thoughts on visiting Venice, Italy from a former resident.


A Wandering Woman Writes From Spain,; One woman who traded in corporate life in Chicago to live in Salamanca, Spain.

Barcelona Guide,; Up-to-date info on festivals, events, art exhibits, and other suggestions for where to go in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Mad About Madrid,; Advice on shopping, eating and drinking, events, and festivals in Madrid.

Page 1: General travel, air travel, dispatches
Page 2: Food, gear & gadgets, hotels, maps
Page 3: News & deals, sports, and more
Page 5: U.S. cities and destinations

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