Affordable new HP laptop arrives at Best Buy

Courtesy HP

We've told you about the under-$600 laptops that are now on the market. They can be great PCs to take on the road.

In the past couple of weeks, HP introduced a new laptop that is pricier (at about $1,100, including a two-year warranty) but has a lot more pre-installed features (such as all of the key Microsoft software, which is often not included on other budget-minded PCs). It's only for sale at Best Buy and it's part of that chain's Blue Label series of PCs. Best Buy surveys its customers about what they're looking for in tech gear, and then the company asks manufacturers to build products addressing customer needs.

One of the first Blue Label Series products is a laptop. Best Buy spokespeople say that their surveys found that the "ideal laptop" had "longer battery life, a thin and lightweight design, a backlit keyboard, and more optimal screen size."

HP and Toshiba took up the challenge. It's built a laptop that offers 4 hours of battery life on a single charge (according to the company), weighs less than 5 pounds, that's less than 1.5 inches thick, and has an illuminated keyboard. It's got the unromantic name of the HP Pavilion dv3510nr notebook.

I'm not a tech guru, but it caught my eye when I was at one of the season's many tech product fairs. It has a 13.3-inch diagonal widescreen display that showed movie in high-def quality when I saw a test model. The laptop is sold with and come with a two-year warranty for free. In case you're looking for a new laptop, you'll find it for $1,099 at


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