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Now this is the kind of study we love: The Application Resource Center, an editorial and research arm of the app quality and testing company Applause, analyzed close to 3 million app store reviews of 122 travel apps and crunched the numbers based on user feedback.

One travel-booking app blew the competition out of the water:

With a score of 84 on a scale of 1 to 100, rated high across the board for quality—higher than the other booking apps, but also higher than apps in more specific categories like drive (Uber, Lyft, etc.), fly, and stay. What's important about the booking category, though, is that it's the most highly used category, meaning you're more likely to tap on a booking app than, say, a cruise app.

Why do users find's app so great? It all boils down to ease of use and "does it work?"—especially in real-world conditions around the globe.

Applause's digital experience analyst, Ben Gray, says the app offers "unparalleled choice, offline maps, exploration features, seamless switching across devices, auto-filled forms, and more.'s Android and iOS customers love how stable their apps perform, how richly its content is presented, and how elegantly designed their experiences are."

Here are the rest of the winners and losers, by category:



Worst-rated: Travelocity



Worst-rated: Royal Caribbean International


Best-rated: Hailo

Worst-rated: Budget


Best-rated: GasBuddy

Worst-rated: Zagat


Best-rated: Alaska Airlines

Worst-rated: Aer Lingus


Best-rated: Citymapper

Worst-rated: GPS Navigation & Maps by Cygic


Best-rated: Rail Planner by Eurail Group

Worst-rated: Amtrak


Best-rated: Hilton

Worst-rated: Hyatt

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