Can Hopper Help YOUR Travel Dreams Come True?

Howth Castle in IrelandHowth Castle in Ireland
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Super-smart and super-fast online travel tools may help me get to Howth Castle and environs—my dream trip to James Joyce's Dublin!

Whoa. The folks at have set the bar pretty high: They want to help answer three of the most commonly asked travel questions: Where can I vacation for less? What's the best day to buy airline tickets? And what's the best day to fly?

Hopper's "When to Fly and Buy" function (on the right-hand side of its homepage), lets you enter your departing city and your destination, just like many other travel deal sites. But after analyzing millions of flights over the past several weeks, and scanning prices for upcoming flights, Hopper provides a near-instant snapshot of your flight options in conversational prose.

With flights to Europe sky-high in recent years, I wondered whether Hopper could help me make my dream pilgrimage to James Joyce's Dublin come true. I entered New York's JFK and Dublin. Hopper provided me with flight options between $750 and $850 (not bad these days), and told me that Mondays would be my best day to buy tickets (saving me up to $36 per ticket), that Tuesdays would be my best day to depart (saving me up to $115 per ticket), and Wednesdays my best day to return (saving me up to $59 per ticket). October offered the best prices in the coming months.

Call me impatient, but I like the way Hopper lets me see options at a glance, without having to wade through data myself. I'm curious—has Hopper helped your travel dreams along lately?

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