6 Items That Will Help You Meet Your 2019 Goals

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When it comes to fulfilling your New Year's resolutions—and making them stick all year long—every little bit counts. We've got the goods to keep you going, both at home and on the go.

New year, new you—if only it were that simple. Resolutions are definitely easier to make than they are to keep, but we’ve found a few items that'll keep you on track, whether you’re packing a lunch to save money for upcoming adventures or trying to stick to a new routine while you’re on the road.

1. Plan Your Year

bando-travel-planner-paradiso.jpg?mtime=20190107195844#asset:104358(Courtesy ban.do)

If you’re a Budget Travel reader, the odds are good that you’ve got trip-planning on the brain. Get excited for your upcoming travel with this super-cute analog organizer: With sections dedicated to dream destinations (think: cities to see, people to visit, food to try), plus packing lists, postcards, and stickers galore, you can sketch out the next few years with your own personal flair.
Paradiso travel planner, $30; bando.com.

2. No More Hangovers

Flyby-vitamins.jpg?mtime=20190107195846#asset:104361(Courtesy Flyby)

Did you wake up on New Year’s Day with a pounding head and swear, "Never again?" Next time, be prepared for a big night out: This liver-friendly supplement, rich with vitamin B, milk thistle, ginseng, and more, just might help you recover. Each little packet contains three capsules, so stash a few in your Dopp kit and order another round.
Recovery supplements, $20; flyby.co.

3. Drink More Water


(Courtesy OtterBox)

Proper hydration can be a challenge when you’re on the move, so a serious drinking vessel is a must-have. This hefty 20-ounce tumbler boasts a copper lining that maintains cold temps for hours at a time, and its sweat-resistant design will keep things mess-free. Pair it with the straw lid for an additional $10, and leave it in your car for easy sipping on the road.
Elevation 20 Tumbler, $30; otterbox.com.

4. Pack Your Lunch

mb-original-bento-box-lunch-box-porcelaine_1.jpg?mtime=20190107195847#asset:104363(Courtesy monbento)

Packing a midday meal is a tried-and-true way to save a few bucks, but let’s be honest: It’s much less fun than eating out every day. Package it properly, though, and you’ll hardly miss the restaurants. This one is airtight and roomy, with two stackable, BPA-free compartments and an elastic band to keep everything in place.
MB Original Porcelaine, $28 (discounted through 2/1/19; regularly $40); monbento.com.

5. Clean Up Your Act

Go-Smile.jpg?mtime=20190107195847#asset:104362(Courtesy GO SMILE)

If investing in self-care—and taking better selfies—is on your list, stash a set of these travel-friendly stain erasers in your bag for quick cleanup on the go, especially if you’re not planning on cutting out coffee or red wine anytime soon. (Hey, you can only do so much.) With cleaner teeth and fresher breath, you’ll improve your dental hygiene and cop a brighter smile. So go ahead, flash those pearly whites for the camera.
GO SMILE Stain Erasers, from $14 for 14; ulta.com.

6. Focus Your Intentions


(Courtesy Penguin Random House)

Having goals is all well and good, but implementing them is what really counts. Get your thoughts in order and put your ambitions into practice with The Bullet Journal Method, a system devised by author Ryder Carroll that focuses on living intentionally. With a mission of encouraging readers “become mindful about how we spend our two most valuable resources in life: our time and our energy,” the method aims to help you accomplish more by concentrating on what’s important and paring back on the rest. Map out the next 12 months and learn new techniques for working through your to-do list, and by the time December rolls around, you’ll be sitting pretty.
The Bullet Journal Method, $26; amazon.com.

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