In search of app-y travelers

Courtesy Theopie/Flickr

Right now, my mind is in a very appy place. As a traveler, I find myself turning to my iPhone as a tool every chance I get. I use it for weather forecasting, mapping, translating, converting, finding restaurant recs, tweeting, and much much more. And I'm remarkably willing to pay (a little bit here, a little bit there) for useful, clever, or just plain fun apps.

It should come as no surprise that we're working on developing an app (or three) of our own here at Budget Travel. We have a number of ideas we think you'd like, but considering that you always have incredibly well-considered thoughts, we'd like to go straight to the source and hear from you.

a) What travel apps do you currently use?

b) What sort of tool would you love to hold in your hand on your next trip? (Don't hold yourself back! Dream big!)

c) Are there any apps you've been using that you find disappointing?

Thanks in advance for your comments…

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