Kayak teams up with Yapta to let you track fare changes


Two websites that Budget Travel raves about--Yapta and Kayak--are now working together in a helpful way for travelers. Yapta helps you keep tabs on fare changes before and after you book your flight, so you can get any applicable vouchers or refunds from the airline if the price for your exact flight drops after you book. Kayak has now integrated Yapta's service into its search results.

It's not happening right away, though. It'll take several weeks before you notice the Yapta "track price drops" button appear on Kayak search results. But immediately as of today, Kayak's flight search tool appears on the Yapta.com.

To be eligible for a refund if the price drops, you need to book directly with the airline. Yapta spokesperson Jeff Pecor points out that,

"If you book through an online travel agency, you're not going to be protected by the airline's "guaranteed airfare policy." The beauty of Kayak is that they give you the option to book the flight directly with the airline (in addition to giving you the option to book through an online travel agency, such as Orbitz."


Get money back when prices drop

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