Moo prints photo cards, large and small

By Kate Appleton
October 3, 2012

We recently met with Richard Moross, the affable, globe-trotting founder of London-based (so named because it would be easy to remember). How did he introduce himself? By pulling out a stash of tiny business cards, about half the standard height, each printed on one side with a different shot from his travels--everything from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to a friend's pool in Johannesburg, South Africa. We admit it: We were wowed by the high quality of the images and the sense of fun and personality the cards instantly conveyed.

Since the site launched last September, people from 143 countries have placed orders for Moo MiniCards, which can also function as luggage tags or, as Moross suggests, a handy conversation starter to pull out at the bar or beach. "The coolest thing about Moo cards is what people are doing with them," he says.

The larger NoteCard size, even cooler in our opinion, has been popular for birth announcements, save-the-date invitations, and holiday greeting cards. They can be mailed as postcards or tucked in an envelope, and have a bendable edge allowing the cards to balance upright on a table. Moo will be rolling out stickers on July 19th and envisions printing photo albums and all sorts of products down the road.

Ordering is easy: You create a log-in name and password; upload photos directly to or select photos you've already posted to photo-sharing sites like; and choose whatever mix of photos, text, colors, and fonts you desire. In a neat case of old-technology-meets-new, delivery is by Royal Mail. Global shipping rate, $5; MiniCards, $19.99/set of 100 and NoteCards, $24.99/set of 16.

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