MySeatFinder Fetches You a Better Seat Automatically

Courtesy MySeatFinder

Reserving a seat assignment on for a flight will never rate as one of life's most memorable moments. But with MySeatFinder, it's no longer one of the most boring.

This polished site asks for your confirmation number for a flight on one of the major domestic airlines—namely, American, Delta, Southwest, United, or US Airways. Then it monitors any seat changes on your flight prior to departure. If it finds a seat that more closely matches your preferences (such as window or aisle), it promises to book it for you on your behalf. As frequent fliers know, seat availability changes up until the last-minute of the typical flight.

Your first four round-trips seat assignments via MySeatFinder are free. Use the service more than that and you'll have to cough up a $29 fee each year.

Whether the service is worth using depends on how much you dread being assigned the middle seat—or how much you covet an exit row, with its roomy legroom.

If you've used MySeatFinder, or the similar service ExpertFlyer that we've mentioned before, please share your experience by posting a comment. Thanks!


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