Now You CAN Pool Loyalty Program Points!

Emiliano Granado

Families and other small groups can now earn and use their loyalty program points as a group with JetBlue!

You know, I didn't need one more reason to love JetBlue.

With JetBlue's comfy seats, ample in-flight amenities and entertainment, and reasonable fares, what's not to love? When my wife and kids and I recently flew from New York to San Francisco, JetBlue treated us so well you'd think the staff and flight crew knew I was the executive editor of Budget Travel (they didn't). I suppose that's one reason we included JetBlue in our 12 Best Budget Airlines story!

But now, there's even more to love: JetBlue announced last week that it is rolling out TrueBlue Family Pooling as part of its TrueBlue loyalty program. Yes, it's as good as it sounds: JetBlue is now the first U.S. carrier to allow families and other small groups to earn and use points as a group for no extra charge.

Here's how it works: visit TrueBlue Family Pooling and set up your "family"—up to two adults over the age of 21 (including married couples, same-sex couples, relatives, or friends!) and up to five children under 21. You can then choose whether to pool 100 percent of each flier's points or as little as 10 percent. A designated "head of household" is responsible for redeeming points from the family account. Award flights start at 5,000 points (plus taxes/fees) with no blackout dates, and loyalty points don't expire. JetBlue's director of loyalty marketing and partnerships, Dave Canty, noted in a press release that TrueBlue "rewards all of our customers, regardless of their frequency."

TrueBlue is a free loyalty program allowing members to use points for any seat on any JetBlue-operated flight with no blackout or expiration dates. Participants can also earn points via JetBlue's social media platforms, adding an element of gaming and fun that travelers have, in the past, rarely associated with an airline. At Budget Travel, we applaud JetBlue's efforts to make travel more accessible to families—and for its inclusiveness!

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