This hotel offers free yoga even to non-guests

Courtesy W Hotel Scottsdale

Hotel amenities are usually reserved for guests, but the ultra-trendy W Scottsdale lets you sign up for free yoga classes even if you haven't booked a room.

The 224-room hotel has partnered with the Lululemon Athletica apparel company to offer the complimentary 60-minute Vino & Vinyasa classes twice a month. Each yoga class is held every other Wednesday on the hotel's infinity pool deck and followed by $3 wine specials.

If you happen to be in town with your dog on the first Tuesday of every month, the pet-friendly W also runs free 90-minute doga classes, or yoga with dogs. Just bring a yoga mat and doggie treats to motivate your pet.

Guests can naturally call dibs on the classes, but it's a refreshing option for visitors—at most hotels, these types of perks are reserved for those who stay overnight, buy a day pass, or book a spa treatment.

Come late spring, the W will also open its pool to the public. Once a week, the hotel will host a free nighttime swim party complete with a DJ or live music (the infinity pool has underwater speakers). Towels will be provided so all you'll have to bring is a swimsuit.

To claim a spot, RSVP, via 480/970-2100 or email the property. []


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