Leave the Candles at Home

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Here's a scary story from Sharon Rooney, who works for Four Sisters Inns. We're passing it on because we think she has a good point. "Early this past Sunday, a guest lit a candle in her bathroom at the Cobblestone Inn in Carmel. A towel or a bathrobe was dangling at over the candle, which soon ignited the fabric. Upon seeing the flames, the guest opened the door, and the fire spread to the bedroom." 

"The fire alarms went off, and guests were evacuated quickly. The fire department responded and the fire was put out. Thank goodness no one was injured! The room is severely damaged, and out of commission for the next several weeks, perhaps longer. This is during peak season, and Cobblestone Inn has only 24 rooms, so losing a room at this time is hard on us (and on the guests who had been planning on staying in that very room). Still, we're fortunate that our only 'loss' is revenue and a room; next time it might be a guest or employee. We don't permit smoking in any of the Four Sisters Inns, for the safety and comfort of all of our guests and employees. Why do people think lighted candles are safe?" If we've ever recommended travel candles in the past, we take it back!

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