America and Britain Ease Carry-On Rules

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As of Tuesday, September 26, the U.S. government has partially lifted the ban against liquids and will allow passengers to take onboard drinks and items purchased in secure airport areas as well as travel-size toiletry containers of three ounces (90 ml) or less that are stored in a "quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag."

Britain's Department of Transport announced last Friday that it has modified the tight restrictions placed on hand luggage after August's foiled plot to bomb trans-Atlantic flights with liquid explosives. Now travelers can carry on one bag up to about 22 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches (more than twice the size allowed before), and musicians can take larger instruments onboard. As for liquids, only essentials like medications and small amounts of baby formula are still permitted.

Bottom line? Check for the latest updates before you fly. The TSA lists prohibited and allowable carry items on its Web site here: And most airline Web sites also provide a link to the latest TSA rules on their sites.

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