TripAdvisor Poll

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We did a poll with TripAdvisor, in which we asked, among other questions . . .

Which guy would you allow to join your group?

  • 27% George Clooney
  • 21% Matthew McConaughey
  • 14% Brad Pitt  
  • But some women voted for Bill Gates (5%), George W. Bush (4%), and Regis Philbin (2%). Money, fine. Power, great. But Regis Philbin? That's shocking!

    Have you ever done something on a GG that you don't want your significant other to know about?

  • Yes: 17%
  • Shame on you, ladies! (And call us, let's hang out sometime . . . .) Guys were asked the same question--and 29% of the dogs have been up to no good.

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