How Was Your Trip?

Arriving at Taquile island, in Lake Titicaca

"We Had to Buy Our Own Bulls"
In Peru, young couples are traditionally presented with two terra-cotta bulls when they move into a new house. "If you attach the bulls to your roof, they're supposed to bring you health, happiness, prosperity--all kinds of good stuff," Katie says. "We figured it couldn't hurt to try!"

So Close
When their guide told Katie and Erik that one hour, 53 minutes was the fastest time he knew of for kayaking from Puno to Taquile island, they had to try to beat it. They missed by eight minutes. "I might look like I'm smiling, but I wasn't happy about it," says Katie.

Watch Your Head
At 6'4", Erik was taller than virtually every Peruvian he came across--and almost too tall to stand up straight in this guesthouse on Taquile. (Check out the door!)

Cold Mountain
The first night on the Inca Trail got down to a frigid 20 degrees. When Katie and Erik woke up, their poles were covered in ice.

Lunching Local Style
After Katie and Erik returned from their kayak trip on Lake Titicaca, they were treated to a lunch of fried cheese and root veggies. "Our host was the man who stores all the kayaks for the tour company," says Katie. "He met us at the beach with his alpaca, Pepe."

Seeing the Sites
The couple passed several sites with ruins on the Inca Trail and wondered if Machu Picchu would just feel like more of the same. "But we were blown away," Erik says. "The site was huge, and the ruins were amazingly well preserved."

No Pizza for You
"We walked by this truck again and again in Cuzco," Katie says. "It was kind of a tease, because we love pizza, but the truck was abandoned."

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