How Was Your Trip?

Courtesy Antonia Abram
A guided tour of Dubrovnik's wall was the perfect way to figure out the lay of the land

"I'm Glad I Could Share It"
Anton was thrilled to show Antonia a thriving, beautiful, and independent Croatia. "For so long, no one knew where it was," he says. "Now everyone loves it. Antonia even tells me she wants to get her dual citizenship!"

On high
A guided tour of Dubrovnik's wall was the perfect way to figure out the lay of the land.

In Dubrovnik, Antonia and Anton stopped in a few bars to catch Euro 2008 matches. "Watching the soccer games was one of my favorite parts of the trip," Antonia says.

Calamari dreamin'
Antonia swears Croatia has the best seafood in the world. "The calamari tastes like it's straight from the sea," she says. The dish at right was from a restaurant in Novi Vinodolski, the town where Anton grew up. "It's changed so much!" he says. "Thirty years ago, there were no fancy stores or restaurants." Now the town is a destination for Germans and Italians.

A three-island tour
Antonia and her dad took a boat tour from Dubrovnik and came across this tiny church on the island of Kolocep.

Reminders of the past
As they walked along the wall in Dubrovnik, they noticed shrapnel marks from the bombings in the 1990s. "It's a shame the city suffered so much damage during the war," says Anton.

Island getaway
The beaches in the major cities were crowded, but on the islands, it was another story. The beach on Lopud island was so enticing that Antonia and her dad rented chairs and relaxed.

Local style
Renting an apartment from a woman in Dubrovnik turned out to be the right decision. "She gave us great advice about where to go," Antonia says. "And I loved the traditional earrings she had on, so I bought a pair for myself."

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