TripAdvisor vs. TravelPost

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The giant of user-generated hotel reviews has a new challenger from the Kayak team. Who wins?

Number of reviews

TripAdvisor: 23 million and counting—enough to give a quick gauge of mass opinion.
TravelPost: Currently only one tenth as many reviews. In some cases, there might not be enough to see a consensus.
Winner: TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor: You can't filter, which means you wade through lots of reviews by folks who may judge hotels differently than you do.
TravelPost: Lets you filter reviews by the gender, age, and budget of their authors—to zero in on reviewers like you.
Winner: TravelPost


TripAdvisor: After you've picked a hotel, the site allows you to check prices for specific dates via websites where you can book.
TravelPost: Ditto. Plus: Click the Rates tab above each listing for the best rates in the next several weeks, courtesy of parent site Kayak.
Winner: TravelPost

Trust factor

TripAdvisor: Questionable. The site allows anonymous reviewers, who may have agendas (is that rave from the owner?).
TravelPost: Also allows anonymity. And it pulls critiques from some sites that reward reviewers, which could skew results.
Winner: TripAdvisor

Beyond hotels

TripAdvisor: More than 70,000 vacation rental listings and 34,000-plus B&Bs.
TravelPost: Scant listings for vacation rentals, though it does have ratings for 7,000 B&Bs.
Winner: TripAdvisor

The winner: TripAdvisor (But it better watch its back.)

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