Solve Packing Conundrums With These 9 Household Items


Chances are, you already have an arsenal of packing aids at your fingertips. Just open your junk drawer.

Toilet-paper tube
Corral phone and digital camera cords, chargers, and other cables inside the cardboard tube, securing each plug end in a notch cut at the tube's rim.

Cardboard box
Create a shelf in your suitcase with one side of a shipping or moving box, putting heavy items below it and clothing on top.

Binder clips
Clasp printouts, brochures, and guidebook pages in a clip, or use a few to separate different local currencies.

Bicycle lock
Prevent theft while waiting in public areas by looping a single lock through the handles of your family's suitcases.

Dry-cleaner bag
Slide one between layers of clothing within your suitcase to prevent wrinkling.

Twist tie
Repair a broken zipper or luggage tag with a spare tie.

Rubber bands
Use bands to pair up shoes, socks, or even scuba flippers.

Wide-mouth plastic bottle
Stash smaller toiletries inside for extra leak protection.

Soap case
Pack breakables like jewelry or fragile souvenirs in the plastic container.

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