Can You Spot the Travel Rip-off?


Have you ever received a call promising a free cruise? Or been asked to mail a check to Africa in exchange for a vacation discount? One of these scenarios is legit, and the other isn't—can you tell which is which?

Say "travel scam," and the mind immediately conjures images of two-timing merchants and double-jointed pickpockets. But those guys are small potatoes. In recent years, nearly one million Americans have been conned by much more sophisticated and much harder to spot travel scams that dupe suspects before they even leave their living rooms. As technology speeds up, sorting the scams from the bona fide deals has become that much more important—and that much more difficult.

Let's see how well you can tell the difference. Launch the quiz to read the scenarios and decide whether each is a legit way to save on travel or just another attempt to scam you out of money. We'll tally up your score at the end and let you know how scam-savvy you really are.

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