"43 places" is just the beginning

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Ever wanted to go between the moon and New York City? Head over to 43places.com, where you can browse hundreds of different places both familiar and fictional. The free (just create a profile) site is based on the idea that every person should visit (or aspire to visit) about 43 places. Travelers can make lists of the places they want to go and help others by rating all the places they have been. Places can range from well-known cities to fictional settings, such as Narnia and Middle Earth.

For travelers, the site pretty much serves the same function as TripAdvisor, letting users post their own thoughts about places, but it adds a dimension by allowing people to post thoughts about places they'd like to go. The site also allows users to add descriptive tags to places, such as "cafe," and then search to find other locales that have the same tags, such as other cafes worldwide.

43places.com fits nicely within the ranks of TripAdvisor and IgoUgo. It's pretty fun to see where other people have been compared to where they want to go; just watch out or you may go mad to the tune of Christopher Cross.--Lindsey Ramsey

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