A half-baked innovation

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It's hard enough to get some sleep when you're flying at 35,000 feet, let alone get any work done. Singapore Airlines is trying to make your job a little easier by adding a bunch of cool office tools, including spreadsheet, presentation and word processing, to their "KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system" (read: "seatback TV"). Just plug in your USB flash drive and you can use your flight time to better prepare yourself for whatever work lies ahead.

Unfortunately, these perks look too good to be true. Fliers have to provide their own keyboard and mouse, and what businessperson flies around with that kind of stuff? That's what a laptop is for!

However, the airline is also offering helpful applications like Culture Quest, an application that gives tips on doing business in other cultures.

All these perks are available for all seats on Singapore Air's new Boeing 777-300ER planes, but the airline only uses these planes on selected routes. Visit singaporeair.com for more info.

--Lindsey Ramsey

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