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European bargains are elusive these days, as you know. Luckily, the blog Cheapest Destinations is running a series on how not to go broke while traveling in Europe this summer. Check out the especially strong advice in the three-part series, here.

There's a price war on airfares between Newark and Geneva, with $750 (including taxes) a typical going fare for summer travel. Get the details.

Attention Southwest fliers: Have you ever wanted to claim your A-group boarding pass up to 24 hours before your departure, while you were on the road without a printer to print out your boarding pass? Then use your cell phone or iPhone or Blackberry (and its Web browser) to check-in online, pretend to print a boarding pass and then, once you're at the gate, use a kiosk to "re-print" your boarding pass. Confused? It's an easier trick to pull off than it may sound. Gadling's Justin Glow has the lowdown.

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