"An airplane is not a nightclub..."

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Wendy, who says she works for Southwest (and who prefers not to have her last name published), has posted a comment on our blog defending her airline's actions against the passenger whose attire—or lack thereof—has provoked a national debate. Here's what Wendy wrote:

As an airline employee, specifically of the airline involved, I am so tired of hearing about this "poor, picked on girl". First, there are two sides to every story and I don't feel she was completely honest about the way she was wearing that outfit. I heard she had the shirt pulled up and the skirt pulled down exposing her entire midriff and pelvic bones. An airplane is not a nightclub and even though we serve drinks, it is not a bar. Dress appropriately. I am tired of seeing everybody's body parts no matter their size. Second, SWA is a business and is responsible to all passengers including the one that complained about her outfit. As any business they can reserve the right to refuse anyone. I have never seen an employee address a problem with a passenger ON the aircraft. It is always done in the jetway. Perhaps the reason the entire airplane was staring at her wasn't because they overheard her "dressing down" but because she was dressed like that. DUH! Third, have you seen this girl's My Space page? Her heroes are Jenna Jameson (the porn star) and Paris Hilton (who has her own issues with decency). [Editor's note: We cannot verify that this webpage is, in fact, an accurate cached version of Kayla Ebbert's MySpace page--or even if Kayla Ebbert has a MySpace page. For example, the name Kyla on this page is spelled differently from Kayla.] Enough said about that. Please let's move on from this whole blown-out-of-proportion, juvenile, waste-of-time, fame-seeking, and ludicrous ordeal.

You'll find other reader comments on the original post.

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