An endless banquet...of Montreal posts

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Montreal Maps
In the past week, Montreal foodies Anthony Kinik and Michelle Marek were guest-bloggers here at If you didn't catch all their posts, here's a round-up.

Caught Montreal

Anthony and Michelle have created online city maps of Montreal, which point out the locations of gourmet hotspots.

The Montreal You Won't Find in a Guidebook

Here are some of Anthony & Michelle's favorite Montreal eateries, bakeries, and bars.

Strawberry Social

Here's a taste of life in Quebec.

It's Time for Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Try this gourmet recipe and learn the story behind its invention.

Traveler's Tips for Montreal Trips

Anthony & Michelle quiz several Montreal gourmands about their favorite places to eat...and other matters.

More Montreal Goodness

The story of a relaxed July day with food and friends in Montreal.

And be sure to check out their wonderful blog, " endless banquet."

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