Ask Trip Coach: XXXL Vacations

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We're talking about epic, sabbatical-type trips, in which you take a serious break from your usual existence and leave home for a month or longer. Send us your questions!

Snowbird adventures in sunny climates, round-the-world cruises and land-based journeys, testing the waters as a temporary ex-pat, and working overseas in any capacity all qualify.

If you've ever been tempted to take such a XXXL Vacation but you didn't know where to start, tell us what you'd like to know. Like:

What's up with health insurance? Can you put your U.S.-based policy on hold and use travel insurance?

Should you rent out your home and/or arrange for someone to take care of it?

What's the best way to pay bills and get money while abroad?

What destinations are most welcoming to Americans who want an extra-long visit?

And how do you find the time and money to undertake such an epic trip?

Send us your questions and we'll answer them in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel.

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