At this hotel, use an iPhone app to order a wake-up call

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The world's first iPhone-based guest service device has debuted at the luxurious Malibu Beach Inn. Our friends at HotelChatter have tested it out. Your iPhone replaces "all those little buttons you see on the in-room telephones" at many hotels for ordering room service, setting a wake up call, or requesting missing toiletries. You give the hotel your phone number and they give you a website that you fire up on your iPhone's browser. Then you download the application to your iPhone. The service is free, at least for now.

HotelChatter's tester said the feature was "awesome." I confess that I still think that's an awful lot of trouble to go to when I could just use the existing in-room phone. But if you're lazy like me, the hotel will offer you a "loaner" iPod Touch that's pre-loaded. Still, it's neat to see hotels experiment with new technologies—such as letting guests check in with their own iPhone or iPod Touch instead of standing in a line.

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iPhone Hotel Review at Malibu Beach Inn [HotelChatter]


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