Bermuda vacation rentals

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I got a very nice letter in response to my story on Bermuda, and while that in itself might not merit an entry here, the writer mentions a resource that could be very useful for people interested in the island. The letter is from Jane Barcroft of Memphis, who loves Bermuda so much she has written (and gotten published) two books of her poetry about the island; they're called Pink Sand Poems and Bermuda on My Mind...

"I'm glad that you gave Bermuda on more chance," wrote Jane. "I have a suggestion to add. I use a rental agency to reserve accommodations for my Bermuda vacations: I've been very pleased with the accommodations. They have lodging all over Bermuda. I've stayed in two places in Hamilton and one in Spanish Point, and I have an old Bermuda residence (five bedrooms wiith pool) reserved for a week in September. The prices are reasonable: The apartments all rented for $120 per day, and for the house the six of us will each pay only $600 for an eight-night stay. Most of the time I travel alone, and I've felt perfectly safe at these places. I've made new friends and enjoyed wonderful Bermudian hospitality." Jane's books are sold at A.S. Cooper's stores in Bermuda.

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