Bonne Annee, Quebec City

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Quebec toasts its 400th anniversary this year with several quintessentially Canadian events.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 15, check out The Walking Road, which is a nighttime event that includes outdoor movies and a floating dance floor that extends over the St. Lawrence River, with acrobatics, fire effects, and high-tech projection screens showing artful images.

During the day, you can stroll a new, one-and-a-half mile walking path along the St. Lawrence River, named Promenade Samuel de Champlain. Pass wharfs, marshes, gardens, interpretative trails, and tennis courts along the way.

Ongoing through September 28: 11 out of 250 garden designers from around the world were chosen to create the 3,660-square-foot Ephemeral Gardens, a set of fascinating garden and art installations.

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