Bottled water: why it bugs me

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There are a million little things we could all be doing to make the world greener, but if there's one that I'm particularly onboard with it's getting people to drink less bottled water. I don't mean people traveling to (or living in) places where the water isn't potable; I mean people who go to Costco or wherever and buy bottled water in cases, then drink it instead of buying a Brita filter for their tap water. I'm not alone: Nalgene, the folks who make those ubiquitous wide-mouth water bottles that hikers and bikers love, is trying to get people to sign a pledge that they'll give up bottled water for a week, month, or year (information here). Obviously the company has a vested interest--they'd like you to buy a Nalgene bottle and refill it--but so what: Making people aware of all the landfill they're creating is the first step in getting them to do something about it.

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