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Online puzzles and guides, plus stats


125 million dollars were spent on the film adaptation
60.5 million copies of the novel are in circulation
7.3 million people glimpsed the Mona Lisa up-close in 2005
118,151 visitors to Rosslyn Chapel in 2005, up from 37,199 in 2003
1,000 abandoned copies of the novel have been found onboard trains by Eurostar staff
300 crew members were present daily at the Louvre during the filming of the movie
44 different translations worldwide
1 copyright infringement lawsuit filed against Dan Brown's publisher by the authors of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail; Judge Peter Smith embeds a "Smithy Code" within his ruling in favor of Brown


VisitDaVinciCode.com: A team effort from the tourism boards of Britain, Scotland and France, the site is beautifully designed, but light on information. There's an interactive map with some sightseeing suggestions, links to their partners--Eurostar, Novotel Hotels, Gray Line, Paris Visions, City Rama--and the option to register for special offers.

WalkingTheDaVinciCode.com: Peter Caine is one of the masterminds behind the tour company Paris Walks, and he's written a highly detailed and informative pocket-size book, Walking the Da Vinci Code in Paris: Decoding the City and the Book. Its website lets you download an audio version of the book's Tour 1 for free.

SoDarkTheConofMan.com: The movie's official website offers downloadable video and soundtrack clips, content for cell phones, and merchandise for sale.

DanBrown.com: The tweed blazer-toting author's site has an excerpt from the book, snippets from positive reviews, video and radio clips, a reader's guide for book groups, a partial bibliography of sources Brown consulted, and answers to common questions.

RandomHouse.com: Dan Brown's publisher has set up two games: Da Vinci Web Quest and Uncover the Code, in which you decipher codes hidden in the book jacket.

Quest.Eurostar.com: Register to play EuroStar's Quest for a chance at prices of up to $200,000.

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