Is JetBlue getting cagey with prices?

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I like JetBlue, always have. I booked a flight from JFK to Long Beach, Calif., before the airline announced that you could pay a bit more and get seats with more legroom. (I looooove more legroom.) So when the airline sent me an email saying that we could change our seats and get 38" of legroom for "as little as $10 more," I checked it out. But I had to bail out of the process because the airline would not be clear about what exactly the cost would be. ("As little as $10" only gets you so far--this ain't my first time at the rodeo.) I'm sure it was $20 per flight--which I know is the ceiling for the legroom fee--but I got so annoyed that the airline wouldn't just say so that I kept our initial seats. Plus: We're two people currently in a window and an aisle, with an empty seat between us. If we upgrade to the 38" rows, I expect there's zero chance we'll end up with an empty seat in the middle. And legroom is great, but unless they're going to start making the seats wider--and they should!--more legroom will only make me so happy.

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