Is shipping your bags the solution?

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Here’s one way to deal with all the new baggage fees: Have your luggage shipped to your destination ahead of time, by companies that promise door-to-door service. Last week, the Wall Street Journal tested out five of the services by shipping 40-pound suitcases from South Florida up to the WSJ's offices in New York.

The main drawback? "Prices were so steep, from $122.19 to $198.23, that the services can't really be considered practical for frequent fliers or families with lots of luggage." That's an understatement. And who exactly is getting your bags from A to B? Four of the five companies farmed out the pick-up to UPS or Fed Ex, either of which would have charged much less if approached directly.

There are times when it’s relatively easy and affordable to ship bags or souvenirs directly through companies like FedEx. We outlined how to tackle various shipping scenarios in this 2007 magazine article, Quit Lugging Your Luggage.

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