Istanbul: A traveler in need of your tips!

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Are guidebooks necessary anymore? I'm not so sure. I'm traveling to Istanbul this week, and I'm relying entirely on using the Internet to connect with smart, openminded, "real" travelers—you know, people like you—for suggestions, ideas, and tidbits.

Is there a great shopkeeper you met in Istanbul who you think I should go visit? A good time to hit a tourist stop? Someplace excellent to stay? A friend there that I should meet? Someone who can teach me how to haggle?

I landed today, and would love to hear from you! Please leave comments about anything you suggest I do, or reach me via myBudgetTravel. Your name and comments may end up in the story I'm going to write, which you'll be able to read about out here in the upcoming weeks.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Arianne Cohen

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