Mr. Bush, let us go to Cuba!

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Every now and then it stuns me anew that Americans are not allowed to travel freely to Cuba. It's patently absurd, bordering on stupid, and definitely embarrassing—one more global PR gaffe that makes us look less like a superpower and more like a petty backwater. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood this morning, but really, when on earth will the embargo end? Bush is now saying that it will continue if power officially passes from Fidel Castro to his brother, Raul. But to act like the U.S. is taking the high road, arguing that the embargo is important because Cuban citizens aren't allowed to be free while U.S. corporations are busy shaking every hand in China—well, it's insulting.

And when you factor in that one of the most appalling abuses of personal freedom is happening at the hands of the U.S. government right on the island of Cuba, well, it's enough to make you want to go back to bed. Then again, when it comes to Cuba, perhaps too many of us have been asleep for too long, allowing national politicians to pander to voters in South Florida.

EARLIERNo Cuba for you!

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