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I got a call this morning from a reader (who wishes to remain nameless!) from Kansas City. When she read the Editor's Letter in the October issue, she got concerned. I had written about my delicious little pug, Howard, and how hard I found traveling with him. She wanted to make sure I knew that pugs can't stand heat, and gave me two travel tips. You'll have to read the second half of this post to find out what they are. In the meantime, if you have any tips for traveling with pets, please send them to (with "pet travel" in the subject line). Or post them as comments!

Her first tip was to fill a two-liter bottle with water, then freeze it. Then, when you're going somewhere warm, put it in your dog's case or at least near your dog. It'll help keep him cool, and he can lick the condensation. (This is particularly valid for dogs with squished noses, such as pugs and bulldogs.)

Her second tip: Always put a luggage tag--with your and your vet's contact info on it--on the dog's kennel or carrying case. If, heaven forbid, you get in a car accident or something, and you have to be taken to the hospital, the authorities will have your vet's info.

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