Priceline now guarantees your hotel bid is the best deal

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Priceline has become an even better place to bid on upscale hotels for the killer deals. The site is now offering a $25 bounty to customers who can find a lower price than what they paid for hotel reservations using the Name Your Own Price tool. If you bid on a hotel room and find a better price (before taxes and fees) up to a day before you check-in, Priceline will refund the difference and pay you $25.

This is the first ever price guarantee for a bidding site, and Priceline's been testing it for a few months. It adds reassurance that you're truly getting a deal.

There are some great discounts out there to be had. As my colleague Brad Tuttle recently pointed out, "The downturn in business travel has been a boon for Priceline's name-your-own-price bidders: Four- and five-star hotels are so eager to offload their empty rooms, they're accepting offers of up to 50 percent off their published rates."

Priceline also sells hotel rooms at standard rates, too, and it offers a guarantee of those rates as well. Find a better price online within a day of booking, and the site will match the lower price and give you a coupon redeemable for $50 a vacation pacakage.

[Priceline's Big Deal Hotel Price Guarantee]


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