Skymark: Discount airline in Japan

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Linda Overholt of L.A. is a reader of this blog, and she wants to share with you her experience of flying a discount airline in Japan...

As I'm sure you know, discount airlines in Japan are few and far between, so we were delighted to find Skymark. I'd like to report that our trip in Japan from Haneda to Fukuoka and back on Skymark was just fine. One caveat, however: They have a 15 kg/33 lb. weight limit on checked bags, and they will charge a fee if you are over. We bought a scale and made sure that our bags were under the max, so we had no problems. The tickets for the two of us cost about $430, and the same flights on JAL or ANA were coming up around $1,157--BIG difference!!

Linda adds one other detail--She flew into the main international airport, Narita, and then she had to take a bus to Haneda, Japan's main airport for domestic flights, to catch the Skymark flight to Fukuoka. The bus trip takes about an hour and a half. Other options can be found here.

For more info about discount airlines in other countries, click here. You'll find a list of discount airlines around the world at Attitude Travel.

We thanked Linda for her tip by sending her a pack of Streetwise maps--fold-able, laminated maps that offer cultural and historical detail in any easy-to-read format.

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