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To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're looking for a fantastic travel photograph taken from 1998 or later. The one we deem the best will be on the cover of the June issue! Any images submitted must have been shot by the person doing the submitting, and we will not accept more than five images per person. (Please don't submit if you're a professional photographer.) The submission deadline is December 31, 2007.

You can mail us prints following the instructions below—but anything submitted will not be returned.

By submitting a photo, you grant Budget Travel the right to use any submitted images online and in Budget Travel, as well as to promote Budget Travel in general.

Technical specs
Digital Images: Images should be vertical and have a required resolution of 300dpi at 9x12 inches or bigger, and must be submitted on CD. (Sorry, but our IT folks won't let us accept images that large by e-mail.)

Film: Send only prints—no negatives or transparencies. Prints must be printed on photo paper. We'd prefer an 11x17 print, or you can send smaller ones as long as you still have the original negative or transparency.

Send your photo, and your answers to the below questions, to:


Photo editor
Budget Travel
530 Seventh Ave.
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Please answer the following questions for each image:

1. When was it taken?

2. Where was it taken?

3. What brand and model camera did you use? (If you don't remember, don't sweat it.)

4. Any story behind the shot? Did anything interesting happen?

5. What's your name, phone number, and email? (We won't give it away!)

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