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Whether you’re planning a weekend road trip or a round-the-world odyssey (or anything in between), Lonely Planet’s new Trips app will make you a more knowledgeable and empowered traveler from the moment you hit “download.”

Some of my favorite ideas started with the words “What if…?”

So I’ve been especially excited to download and start using Lonely Planet’s new Trips app, which basically starts with the concept, “What if we create a world-class social media platform tailor-made for travelers?” Trips (downloadable for iOS HERE and coming soon for Android) allows you to upload images and captions from your travels and organize them in an attractive layout that serves as a mini travel story that you can share with as many - or as few - fellow users as you please. Want your close relatives to experience your weekend escape to a state fair? Trips can do that. Want the entire world to experience your monthlong European odyssey? Trips can do that, too.

Lonely Planet, Budget Travel’s parent company, has a storied history of engaging travelers in a two-way conversation in which travel experts inspire and empower travel enthusiasts, and travel enthusiasts in turn inspire and empower others to do the same. The Trips app takes that relationship to new heights. Highlights include:

Get Inspired

Browse the images and stories posted by Lonely Planet’s audience (not to mention its editors, writers, and photographers) to find your next great vacation destination.

Share your trips

Upload images and captions and the app will lay them out for you in an engaging platform that you can adjust before publishing so that the group you share it with (as many or as few people as you wish) will see your trip in the most attractive visual format possible.

Customize your experience

Sure, we all love to travel, but not everyone wants to, say, scale mountains or sail to remote islands. If, for instance, road trips or gentle hikes are more your thing, you can easily zero in on what you most want to do.

Get Started

Click HERE to learn more or HERE to download the free app for iOS now.

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