This Magazine Is One Big Conversation

Courtesy Nina Willdorf

Outside of Pienza, in Tuscany

I'm hardly the type who's into doing hard labor, so I had some reservations about staying at an agriturismo, a working farm in Italy. There was nothing to fear—something I would have known if I'd read this month's feature on secret places to stay in Italy. In fact, the closest I came to getting my hands dirty was when our host Lucia's father, Giuliano, dropped off some freshly plucked figs at our breakfast table. The place I stayed, Agriturismo Terrapille, is so off-the-radar it doesn't even have an address; everyone just seems to find their way ( I swear, this worked—even for an old man delivering our waylaid luggage from the Pisa airport. Our room, one of three, looked out on the rolling Tuscan hills and was $145 a night. I've recommended Terrapille to several people since—it's just the kind of authentic spot we thrill to share at Budget Travel.

I like to think that this magazine is one big conversation between the readers and the editors. You have serious wisdom to impart, and we like to hear it! So in this issue you'll see two changes meant to give you a better forum for voicing your tips and concerns. Instead of advising one traveler about a destination, Trip Coach will now address many readers' questions about bigger strategic topics. This month: Walt Disney World. We'll reach out to you at to find out what interests you most on a topic—and then we'll publish some definitive answers and advice. As a new mother, I plan on clipping our first new Trip Coach, and when my daughter asks to go to see Jasmine at a character meal, I'll know a) who Jasmine is, and b) just where to find her.

The second change is to our back page, now My Town, a collection of insider tips. At Budget Travel, it's always been our ethos to follow the locals' lead—and we'd like to introduce you to each other. I don't know, but I have a hunch you might just get along.

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