'Tis the season to get obsessive about your mileage

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Airline mileage junkies now have a mascot in George Clooney, thanks to his new movie Up in the Air, in which he's in hot pursuit of acquiring 10 million miles. It was a smart month for the movie to come out, as this is the time of year when the clock is ticking for elite members to hit the targets they need to retain their status. Director Jason Reitman, a self-proclaimed mileage junkie, tells USA Today that he once did a mileage run from LA to Chicago, in which he picked up a pizza and turned right back around—just to retain his elite status.

I'm also a member of the crazy mileage-hog club. A couple years back, when I was set to drop from gold to silver* platinum to gold on American's AAdvantage program, I found a cheap flight to LA and did a quickie weekend that racked up just enough miles to keep me safely ensconced in Gold status. I realized at the time that it was totally absurd, but I talked myself into because I got to see a girlfriend in West Hollywood I always have a blast with.

As the mileage madness swirls, I wonder, what's the Clooniest thing you've done (or bought) to rack up miles? Feel free to post a comment below.

(*Corrected. Thanks, Scott!)


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