Travel gear: Use a universal charger like the Travel Insider's

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My favorite e-mail newsletter for travel news (besides Budget Travel's very own newsletters, which you should sign up for if you haven't already), is David Rowell's The Travel Insider. I like it because he always speaks from the heart and because he is an especially insightful advocate for passengers facing awful customer service. Plus, he has a running series called "This Week's Security Horror Story," which is always worth a read.

Anyway, Rowell recently shared with us a tip on how he stays electronically connected while he's on the road:

When I travel overseas, I often carry my iphone, another international phone not to mention my computer and various other gadgets. Obviously all these devices require different chargers, so instead of lugging around each individual one, I take the Fueltank from Callpod. It is a universal charger so instead of stressing out about each individual charger, I can fulfill the needs in one device.

Upgraded versions of the Fueltank from Callpod debuted a couple of weeks ago. I see it today for $40 at

(By the way, Rowell is an impartial reviewer. He pays his own way, disclosing any freebies he may receive from manufacturers.)


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